Friday, July 25, 2014

Washington Post Lying By Omission About Hep-C @Liber8 @Gilead

Washington Post Lying By Omission About Hep-C @Liber8 @Gilead

The first sentence lies by omission: Hep-C causes Diabetes Mellitis (type II, adult onset) is a significant number of infected, causes cryogubulin-induced rheumatic arthritis causing joint disintegration and excruciating lifelong pain, is a major cause of of highly deadly colon-rectal and stomach cancers, and in a high incidence causes weakness and fatigue robbing life of joy and quality. 

To MINIMIZE Hepatitis C is to steal potential political support for drastic actions, such as capping the price of the drug which costs $67 to make the 84-pills cure. 
To MINIMIZE Hepatitis C is to actively participate in the EUGENICS Mass Murder of blacks in America whom are afflicted at twice the rate of whites, re-doing all over again the Tuskegee Experiments on Syphilis, denying the drugs which cure Hep-C over invented excuses. The PATENT that grants the high prices comes from the DYING, is property of the citizens, not the corporations. Stop making excuses to BLOCKADE cures to people because the rich don't have enough money yet.

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