Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How do you pay for a drug that costs $84,000?

How do you pay for a drug that costs $84,000?



thomas matthew
12:51 PM PST
Over the last 3 years Gilead has spent 5 billion on research, that is for all drugs, not just sovaldi. to treat 3 million people at 84K would bring in 250 billion. That is ridiculously extortionate pricing. A reasonable profit is one thing, but that is criminal, clearly the pricing only makes sense if you don't expect to treat many people.
3:00 PM PST
More Republican Eugenics. Kill off the lowest 10% has been the GOP Party Line since John D. Rockefeller started giving millions to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany for Racial Hygiene programs when Adolph Hiltler was a schoolboy. Him and his money partners in the Harriman fortune family funded the Eugenics Office at Cold Springs Harbor on the estate of John Foster Dulles (his lawyer). His junior partner George Herbert Walker, and Walker's son-in-law Prescott Bush set up the money conduit from Wall Street to Fritz Thyssen's European banks to fund the rise of Hitler. Walker and Bush were on the Board of directors of the Hamburg-America Shipping Lines ship that was turned back to Nazi Europe to return Jewish refugees called "Voyage of the Damned". 

GILEAD was co-founded by Poison Gas suppliers to Saddam Hussein, Rumsfeld and Schultz, and GILEAD stole $2,000,000,000 from US taxpayers on the worthless TAMIFLU drug they sold using political connections in the Bush govt. TAMIFLU has never (NEVER) been demonstrated to protect against Bird-Flu-type-flu for which it was sold. Even regular flu it doesn't prevent but may shorten by only 1 day, if your skin doesn't all fall off and you die from the drug. 

One of Gilead directors is former manager of Audits department for Arthur Andersen, the people who cooked Enron's books and destroyed $400,000,000,000 of investors value. 

Another one of the directors was on Bush's Council of Economic Advisors who helped engineer the crash of the Bush economy in 2008 which nearly wrecked America. Cogan, he still hangs out with Schultz and co-authors advice papers over at Hoover Institution for Pampering War Criminals, and sometimes they lunch there with Condi Rice to discuss the good old days when torture was not an international war crime, but a respectable way of business.

1:04 PM PST
As Thomas indicated that pricing is extortionary. Do we really believe that if they did not get these prices they would stop R&D? If they did that then no new drugs would be developed to create new revenue streams and as drugs came off of patent protection their revenues and therefore profits would drop precipitously. No this should be about drug companies keeping in mind their social responsibility while setting a price that is a fair return for the risks taken .

2:29 PM PST
They DID NO R&D -- they hijacked a company, paid $11B hush money to make the top dogs go away, and are ransoming a development largely produced at John Hopkins by taxpayers expense. 
Gilead did no R&D at all. 
#Liber8 #Gilead, the Corp Established by Poison Gas War Criminals #Rumsfeld #Schultz

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