Sunday, July 13, 2014

#Liber8 #Gilead ::: Continuum Liber8 images & clips

Episode 1.10: ENDTIMES, Eduardo Kagame blows the skyscraper to kill five Pharma execs from different corporations meeting to fix prices to exclude the poor. Liber8 and the Theseus Movement gains thousands of recruits. Click image for slightly larger view.

EXOTROL CORPORATE CEO HOSTAGE: CEO is taken hostage, with bomb strapped to her chest which the police cannot defuse in time. She is forced to confess that she and the Board stole pension funds from employees on an internet broadcast. Liber8 gains thousands of new recruits. Online public is allowed to vote: Live or Die.

CORPORATE HOSTILE TAKEOVER: Sonmanto Corporation drives down stock prices to buy control cheap of Fermitas Corporation by staging a poison gas attack on a top managers meeting. Their agent Neelon from Graypoint Security Systems (wholly-owned subsidiary of Sonmanto) contrives the details of the mass murder to cast blame on Liber8.

Ep-3.10 Liber8 sets up it's own Corporate Hostile Takeover of Gautuma Medical Corporation.

GAUTUMA MEDICAL GETS FISTED: Gautuma Medical appropriated a criminal street drug called "Flash" which give intense experiences and memory enhancements. Unfortunately, it is also highly addictive and causes psychotic episodes with destructive consequences. Intending to claim it as their own invention and market it  as an Alzheimer's medicine, Gautuma is preparing for drug trials as both the police and Liber8 begin to move in on Gautuma. Ultimately Kiera wins out, exposing the origins and dangers of "Flash" and Gautuma's attempt to misrepresent it. This follows immediately on the heels of a data dump in public online which exposed Sonmanto framing and smearing a whistleblower, Julian Randol. Matthew Kellog is seen on the phone warning a Global Corporate Congress Fortune 500-type that they Piron-Liber8 "will burn you down".


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