Tuesday, July 15, 2014

#Liber8 #Gilead, the Corp Established by Poison Gas War Criminals #Rumsfeld #Schultz

To recoup their investment ($11B) from the 3M US Hep-C patients costs $3666.67 per patient, or spread out around the world's 107M cases costs $102.81 per person. Add to that $67 per cure bottle of pills each person. Add to that 100% markup (double) for profit, it's less than $400 each cure.

Nobody put a gun to their head and forced GILEAD to buy PHARMASSET, and GILEAD invested ZERO DOLLARS and ZERO CENTS developing the drug, which they BOUGHT, NOT DEVELOPED.

In essence, an Organized Crime Gang founded by Saddam Hussein Poison Gas Supply Partners Donald Rumsfeld and George Schultz, has hijacked a company in broad daylight, and paid off hush money to the top brass of the taken-over company to go away, then threatens to murder millions of Americans unless we pay them a ransom which bankrupts the USA.

70,000 people are waiting for a liver transplant because of Hep-C. The operation buys the doctor a new house, pretty nice fancy house. A transplant costs $10,000 per year for life for the anti-rejection drugs that have to be taken every day until you die. A person living with a transplant for 20 years costs $200,000, which is paid for by public disability funds since the sick person can no longer work.

Only the German National Socialists were willing to kill their poor to save medical costs, until the Republicans came along, and now them too.

We all pay for $1000 pill...




It costs $67 to make a three month CURE supply of this drug produced by a company established by Saddam Hussein Poison Gas Partners Donald Rumsfeld and George Schultz, who robbed America of  $2,000,000,000 over worthless Tamiflu using the same shell company GILEAD.

Geez, learn to Google already and keep off the GOP dupe koolaid.

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