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War Criminals Donald Rumsfeld and George Schultz History at Gilead Sciences. #Liber8 #Gilead

Rumsfeld 'helped Iraq get chemical weapons'

US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld helped Saddam Hussein build up his arsenal of deadly chemical and biological weapons, it was revealed last night. ...

...  As an envoy from President Reagan 19 years ago, he had a secret meeting with the Iraqi dictator and arranged enormous military assistance for his war with Iran.

The CIA had already warned that Iraq was using chemical weapons almost daily. But Mr Rumsfeld, at the time a successful executive in the pharmaceutical industry, still made it possible for Saddam to buy supplies from American firms. 
They included viruses such as anthrax and bubonic plague, according to the Washington Post.
The extraordinary details have come to light because thousands of State Department documents dealing with the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war have just been declassified and released under the Freedom of Information Act. ... (Ironically, Rumsfeld as congressman sponsored the FOIA).

... It was in late 1983 that Ronald Reagan made Mr Rumsfeld his envoy as the Iranians gained the upper hand in their war with Iraq.

Terrified that the Iranian Islamic revolution would spread through the Gulf and into Saudi Arabia - threatening US oil supplies - Mr Reagan sent Mr Rumsfeld to prop up Saddam and keep the Iranian militants within their own borders.
The State Department documents show that Mr Rumsfeld flew to Baghdad where he had a 90-minute meeting with Saddam followed by a much longer session with foreign minister Tariq Aziz.
'It was a horrible mistake,' former CIA military analyst Kenneth Pollack said last night. (Wink, wink.)
'We were warning at the time that Hussein was a very nasty character. We were constantly fighting the State Department.'
On November 1, 1983, a full month before Mr Rumsfeld's visit to Baghdad, Secretary of State George Shultz was officially informed that the CIA had discovered Iraqi troops were resorting to 'almost daily use of chemical weapons' against the Iranians.
Nevertheless, Mr Rumsfeld arranged for the Iraqis to receive billions of pounds in loans to buy weapons and CIA Director William Casey used a Chilean front company to supply Iraq with cluster bombs.
According to the Washington Post, a Senate committee investigating the relationship between the US and Iraq discovered that in the mid-1980s - following the Rumsfeld visit - dozens of biological agents were shipped to Iraq under license from the Commerce Department.
They included anthrax, subsequently identified by the Pentagon as a key component of the Iraqi biological warfare programme.
The newspaper says: 'The Commerce Department also approved the export of insecticides to Iraq, despite widespread suspicions (wink, wink) that they were being used for chemical warfare.'
At the time of his meeting with Saddam, Mr Rumsfeld was working for Searle - a company which dealt only in medicinal pharmaceuticals. 

In a declassified 1991 report, the CIA estimated that Iran had suffered more than 50,000 casualties from Iraq's use of several chemical weapons,[180] though current estimates are more than 100,000 as the long-term effects continue to cause casualties.[46][181] The official CIA estimate did not include the civilian population contaminated in bordering towns or the children and relatives of veterans, many of whom have developed blood, lung and skin complications, according to the Organization for Veterans of Iran. According to a 2002 article in the Star-Ledger, 20,000 Iranian soldiers were killed on the spot by nerve gas. As of 2002, 5,000 of the 90,000 survivors continue to seek regular medical treatment, while 1,000 are hospital inpatients.[182][183]
Victims of the 1987 chemical attack on Sardasht, Iran
According to Iraqi documents, assistance in developing chemical weapons was obtained from firms in many countries, including the United States, West Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and France. A report stated that Dutch, Australian, Italian, French and both West and East German companies were involved in the export of raw materials to Iraqi chemical weapons factories.[184] Declassified CIA documents show that the United States was providing reconnaissance intelligence to Iraq around 1987–88 which was then used to launch chemical weapon attacks on Iranian troops and that CIA fully knew that chemical weapons would be deployed and sarin attacks followed.[185]
On 21 March 1986, the United Nations Security Council made a declaration stating that "members are profoundly concerned by the unanimous conclusion of the specialists that chemical weapons on many occasions have been used by Iraqi forces against Iranian troops, and the members of the Council strongly condemn this continued use of chemical weapons in clear violation of the Geneva Protocol of 1925, which prohibits the use in war of chemical weapons." The United States was the only member who voted against the issuance of this statement.[186][note 4]


Gilead Science, Eugenics Mass Murder of the Poor

BIBLE, Book of Hosea
Hosea 6:8
American Standard Version

Gilead is a city of them that work iniquity; it is stained with blood.


Bush, Rumsfeld, Rice enjoying a little WAR CRIMES TORTURE recreational waterboarding.

Man who gave Saddam the Chemicals to make poison gas and gave Saddam intel on exactly where to use it, now lies about waterboarding.

Gilead War Criminals from the past frequently associate with economic Gilead Economic Criminals of the present.

John F. Cogan, Gilead Director -- #Liber8 #Gilead

John F. Cogan & George W. Bush, two guys who engineered the collapse of the American Economy in 2008...

Hoover Institution for Pampering War Criminals at Stanford University includes Condi Rice and George M. Schultz (yes the poison gas war criminal).

George Schultz regularly publishes advice on the American Economy with Economic Criminal John C. Cogan, plotting ways to screw America for $1,000 a pill medicines and stuff...

A Policy too Far

by George P. Shultz, Scott W. Atlas, John F. Cogan via Hoover Digest
Monday, April 21, 2014
Yes, we need to make affordable health insurance available. But to do so we need to scrap the “cover everything” mentality.

It's Time to Rethink Health Insurance

by George P. Shultz, Scott W. Atlas, John F. Cogan via Los Angeles Times
Monday, January 6, 2014
As the acute problems of the Affordable Care Act become increasingly apparent, it also has become clear that we need new ways of ensuring access to healthcare for all Americans. We should begin with an examination of health insurance.

We Need to Cut Spending. Here's How
by John F. Cogan, John B. Taylor via Hoover Digest
Monday, July 1, 2013

BIBLE, Book of Hosea
Hosea 6:8
American Standard Version

Gilead is a city of them that work iniquity; it is stained with blood.

Gilead Science, Eugenics Mass Murder of the Poor


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