Tuesday, June 17, 2014

#Liber8 #Gilead: The Sovaldi Tax: Gilead Can't Justify The Price It's Asking Americans To Pay


The Sovaldi Tax: Gilead Can't Justify The Price It's Asking Americans To Pay

A cure for hepatitis C is within reach for 170 million people around the world — thanks to the charitable efforts of poor and sick Americans who are picking up the tab by paying outrageous prices for their own treatment. It’s like Robin Hood in reverse.

This is what happens when a pill is priced at $1,000 a day in the U.S., and an entire treatment regimen of 84 of those pills costs just $900 in Egypt. Exact same medicine, completely different pricing. ...

... Sovaldi costs $84,000 for a course of treatment. Add in other therapies that supplement Sovaldi, and now you’re talking about $100,000 or so to treat a single patient. To use Sovaldi to treat each of the 3 million hepatitis C patients in the United States, it would cost around $300 billion, or about the same amount we annually spend for all other drugs combined. ...

... Sovaldi costs about $130 to manufacture, reinforcing how outrageous its pricing is. Gilead claims that the pricing reflects the value of Sovaldi and it deserves a premium because of downstream health savings. Following that logic, all antibiotics have been vastly underpriced since the introduction of penicillin some 60 years ago. ....

Sovaldi costs about $130 to manufacture,  says Forbes, ExpressScripts...

 Pot Kettle Black : John Martin $180,000,000.00 paycheck last year.

George Paz, ExpressScripts  $51,500,000.00 paycheck last year.

Hosea 6:8:  

"Gilead is a city of those who work iniquity; it is stained with blood."

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