Saturday, June 14, 2014

Gilead: This Drug Costs $84,000 in the U.S., but Just $900 Elsewhere

... "That might have something to do with a recent deal Gilead cut with the government of Egypt to provide the hepatitis C treatment in government clinics at a 99 percent discount. Where it will cost American patients $84,000, it will cost Egyptians just $900 for the full 12-week treatment." ...

That is VERY misleading. Egypt GOVERNMENT is getting a $900 per cure price, but if you are not on the govt best friends list you have to pay $5,600 to your private doctor. Since the total number of Hep-C infections in Egypt is greater than the national health budget, most people will not get helped through the govt. The vast lot of poor people are just as much out of reach from the cure as Americans are out of reach of $84.000. Keep in mind that Gilead pays $2 per gram to make the drug, and the 84-day cure takes about 34 grams, so the manufacturing costs are $67 to make each bottle that sells for $900 in Egypt and sells for $84,000 for the exact same thing to American suckers.

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